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Coloured Candle Making Safety Stickers 37mm Paper Burning Instructions

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37mm round paper candle safety stickers.
Laser printed on a matt sticker for no ink runs or smudges.
Please see other listings for plain white stickers.

This set includes
7 x teal stickers
7 x lemon stickers
7 x lilac stickers
7 x mint stickers
7 x pink stickers
35 stickers in total on an a4 sheet.

These labels read -

To prevent fire and
serious injury. Burn candle
within sight. Keep Away from
drafts and vibrations. Keep out of
reach of children and pets. Never
burn candle on or near anything that
can catch fire.
Burning Instructions
Trim wick to 5mm before lighting.
Keep candle free of any foreign
materials. Only burn the
candle on a level, fire resistant
surface. Do not burn the
candle for more than 4
hours at a time.

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